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Advice needed: sleepovers
OK, all you Doctor Who fans -- I need ideas to fill a themed sleepover for five ten year old girls. Sonic lipstick is obviously a must. Your thoughts encouraged.

Invitation design is behind the cut; the actual invitations are a first attempt at craft-card making, with the main elements of the design cut out and stuck on to the background with puffy foam tabs. I did most of the actual cutting bit while watching the DVD of QI, which is very, very funny. A good thing because the card-making was seriously tedious even for only six cards.

Doctor Who and Marianne invite you on a journey through time and space

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How about a group adventure/story line? One person starts the story (Dr Who story of course) and is allowed X minutes. Person 2 picks up the story where person 1 left off, repeat until story reaches its end. It should encourage fictional creativity. And of course, you could always modify Monopoly to be different worlds instead of earth properties. And don't forget s'mores. It's not a sleep-over without s'mores. Oh yes, and lots of Valium for Mummy. If it gets too bad, you can always slip it into their hot chocolate.

If there's a room which is fairly impervious to mess, you could also get them drawing or painting characters or monsters to include in the story.

My ghod, every little girl with a desperate crush on David Tennant is going to be madly jealous of Marianne...

Seems like a perfect opp for hide and seek type games. I used to hide from the daleks under low objects like couches (having figured out about line of sight and bins on wheels not being able to bend down to see me under there) all the time when watching the show at M's age.

Perhaps a Tardis themed game of sardines might work too.

Dalek piñata or pin the whatsit on the Dalek?

LOve it!!

Thanks for the Xmas card & newsletter which was also rather splendid (yes I'm back in S-Land where all my Xmas post has languished for he last 3 wks..)

Dr Who murder mystery - Dr arrives at scene of closed room country house murder - the kids all have to adopt suspect roles..

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