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Show of Hands -- Roots
I'm telling everyone this. The brilliant song "Roots", by Show of Hands, has been released as a single. You can download it this week from your favourite download service and maybe get a bit of English traditional music into the charts for the first time in a generation.

Composed as a reaction to the then Minister for "culture" saying that listening to folk music was his idea of hell, it's a brilliant modern song -- with traditional roots -- about ethnic identity and heritage. And it's probably pretty good even if you aren't English. Go get it.

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It's been in heavy rotation on my MP3 shuffle for a while :)

mine too, but this is a new version (I think). I was at Trowbridge when they recorded the chorus - great fun.

it wasn't on iTunes yesterday morning when I looked. And today my iTunes is broken, due to Plantronics beta plug [snarl].

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