Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Sammy the lunar pixel

When we saw how clear the sky was, and how assiduous Ploktaroth the Sky Dragon was being in consuming the moon, we bundled the kids into the car and drove to somewhere where we managed to be yards from the nearest street light.

Of course, we would probably have done better if we had worked out how to get our 'posh' camera to take long exposures before we went. Somehow I made it work once, I have no idea how, on the landscape setting with a self-timer, and this icon is the result.

Marianne was inspired by it all, and she also saw a constellation, possibly for the first time ever. "It looks like a question mark in the sky!" she explained, and so it did. I made a mental note that this summer, at some festival or at Centerparcs, we must get her to look up.

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