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Throwing myself on the mercy of the web
Do any of you, say costumers or people with a serious fabric acquisition habit, have a bit of (fake) velvet or similar fabric that you're not going to use? It needs to be really dark (very dark blue or maroon or green or black would all be fine), plain, and quite big (an old curtain would be perfect). I'm sure I could get something suitable on eBay, but it seems daft if you've all got attics full of fabric.

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I think I have two really big faded dark blue (with a greenish tinge; very dark aqua, really) curtains, and I'm likely to be moving house within the foreseeable future, but I live in the Netherlands and I don't think I could afford the postage. If you have a way to get them (send someone who's passing anyway, or I'm willing to travel to anywhere in the Netherlands I can reach by public transport to drop them off), you're welcome!

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