Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Hello All You Excel Peeps!

So. We're doing charts in Excel as our Sunday morning family project. Along the X axis, we have the weeks from now till the summer. Along the Y axis, we have our weights. No problem with maximum, minimum, major intervals (7 pounds), minor intervals (1 pound). How do I get the Y axis labels to say "14 st." or "14 st. 7lbs" -- ie, how can I tell it that the number format should be stones and pounds?

Oh, yes, I know we only use that format in the UK. But frankly, Microsoft have a great big customer base here and weight charts isn't exactly an uncommon use of spreadsheets, is it?

I do love the chart formatting in this version of Excel though. I'm pretty sure that I can't go into my work version of Excel and define the exact spot size, stroke and fill, shadow... mind you, roll on Apple spreadsheets, which I am sure will be MUCH PRETTIER.

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