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Live at the Eastercon
OK. The GIANT newsletter printing machines are go; the newsletter team has the Interwebs. We're in the bar. Please send all your copy in plaintext format to locs@plokta.com . Particularly desired -- news from conventions around the world -- Minicon, Norwescon and so on. Alternatively bring us your copy on a memory stick in the bar of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester.

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Would you run off a dozen or so copies of a 6page guff-related fanzine? I happen to have a pdf I could email...

OK. mail to the locs@plokta.com address. You owe me a beer.

Thank you; very much appreciated.

I look forward to buying you that drink; in the meantime I'm sure no fishlifter or former guff winner will let you go thirsty...

What do you want us to do with it now we've printed it?

Maybe pmcmurray will take them off your hands?

I hope you don't mind that I'm copying this (with attribution and pointer!) to the current Minicon LJ.

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