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Duckspotting Update
Today we saw approx 143 mammal species, a few hundred birds, and plenty of amphibians and reptiles...
...including Parthenogenetic Virgin Birth Baby Komodo Dragons!

picture of a baby Komodo Dragon, about 18 inches long, cute as a button, taken by Steven Cain

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(Screened comment)
We need both preferences and cash by midnight tomorrow. I think it would be Not The Done Thing for me to loan you £4 to facilitate that -- so you might want to ask someone who'll definitely see me or Claire before midnight tomorrow. But you can also go onto the paypal site and send money -- with the vote in the notes box. You don't need email for that I think, only the web, provided you already have a Paypal account.

Great shot! I have a small fascination for reptiles. Here is a Chameleon that I caught on camera during my recent trip to Sri Lanka..

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