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Ooh, a bandwagon! Let me jump on it.
I now have a facebook account, under my real name. Do all come and be my friends...

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well, I hope I've found the right you, else someone else is going to be quite surprised :)

...and this is useful for?

Luckily, since you're in my gmail address book (and I could remember the password -- note to self: must check my gmail account sometime) I could see you without needing to register. Which satisfies my curiousity in this matter for the nonce.

But then, I only got a Livejournal account so I could easily put comments on nineweaving's page...

I like Facebook for certin things - it does photos of people/events well, for instance, and the status updates are kinda nifty. But it's definitely not an LJ replacement.

My conference is currently talking of little else. 3 mn people on it and in UK is going up by 6% per WEEK!!!!

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