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would anyone like a zip drive?
This is a perfectly ordinary IOMEGA 100Mb zip drive. Parallel. Cost a bloody fortune. Suitable for art projects or technology museums. Comes with a charger, Mac drivers on floppy, and a nice parallel cable.

I'll give it about 48 hours, and then it's going out to the Great Electronic Waste Pile in the sky landfill. As ever, can you consider when we're likely to see each other?

Edit: Also a 7 port USB 1.0 hub.

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OK, I'll bite - what is a one of those, and to what use could it be put?

It's external storage that held a massive, unbelievable, 100Mb on little cartridge disks. Sort of an alternative to floppy disks. Actually gained considerable currency at one point but was completely stuffed when CDs dropped in price.

Best use -- reading your Zip disks because *your* Zip Drive has just gone spung.

I'd have bitten, but JC got there 15 mins early. Plus, I probably won't see you until Novacon.

Novacon's cool. I don't think JC actually wants it, he just wants to know what one is. I can't find the disks by the way so this is most useful for someone who's got zip disks they want to read.

I may have a source for disks.

Even more cool to know we'll we'll be seeing at Novacon (you and Steve weren't on the last list I saw).

If Steve passes, I'll bite too, if it's connectable to a MacBook Pro. In fact I'd probably only need it for a day to put mountains of book cover scans already on Zip disks onto my hard drive then store them onto CD (my previous Zip drive did indeed go spung). Will also be at Novacon but probably at a Tun before then (though not this month).

I don't think it will connect to a MacBook Pro in fact without a parallel to USB adapter.

No, it's yours, I'd just never heard of the old technology before! Feel free to it.

Erm - we may have some disks (but I'm not sure we've got a drive anymore, and I'm also not sure if it's the right sort of disks)...

Yep, 7 (out of what was originally a box of 10) PC formatted Zip100 disks, each unopened. No use to us. I think we gave the drive away some time back.

I'll take the disks when we see you and give them to Steve along with the drive.

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