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The desire for instant gratification overtook me, and I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new PSOne -- now down to an astonishing fifty quid -- a cheapo dance mat, and a dancing game. Oh, and a Playstation to SCART adapter. Decided not to invest in proper dancing mats until I was sure I'd do it more than once, and until I had a sense of whether I wanted to go for DDR type games (based on up, down, left and right), or Pump it Up type games (based on the diagonals and the middle). Even Steven, the ur non-dancing man, thinks it's fun. Marianne is skeptical. The shop suggested that it's hard to get PSX to PC adapters for the mats other than by mail order off the web. After playing with it a bit, we then went to IKEA, to buy, amongst other stuff, a batch of IKEA non-slip stuff for rugs.

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Tell me more about the Pump It Up games...?

Pump It Up is the other arcade game (apart from Dance Dance Revolution in its various forms). It's produced by a company called Andamiro, and Konami have sued them endlessly. But they've got away with it because it uses diagonal rather than horizontal and vertical moves (plus the centre pad is also a sensor), and although the gameplay, characters etc. are all very similar, that's enough difference for video games. I knew about it because it's the game we played on holiday that convinced me I'd like a dancing game. Try Pumpstage. The home version of Pump It Up is a PC game, so no adapter problems, and I get the impression it comes with a more rigid platform. Not in the UK, though; and I can't find anyone selling rigid platforms in the UK for any platform.

Are you still playing with your dancing games, by the way, or did you get fed up after a bit?

I still play them but I'm completely useless and never play for long. It's a lot more fun when there are other people around which, for me, there usually aren't.

Ang and I brought a playstation, dance mat, dance game and small TV to Damn Fine Con. There was so much going on that weekend we never even took half the stuff out of the car, though.

Tee hee. It would make fine guerilla programming for Novacon...

Well I'd happily bring all the stuff again, but when you're travelling by train it's not really an option. There are few occasions on which I wish I had a car, they mostly involve socialising.

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