Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

I is in ur apple store blogging ur imacs

Ok, so, here we are in the Regent Street Apple Store and they have 20" and 24" iMacs in stock to take away. That is, I think, a Neat Trick. My resolve to wait until Leopard came out has been sorely tempted I can tell you. The pic above is of course from Photo Booth, and taking it and getting it into LJ took about 20 seconds tops.

So, what's the keyboard like? I'd say, on the whole, that the lack of travel on the keys is going to take a bit of getting used to. It feels like a laptop keyboard, and I'm not entirely sure I want a laptop keyboard as my main keyboard. For the living room, though, the Bluetooth one will be a Must Buy, with the battery life problem cracked and about a tenth of the volume of the current keyboard.

The screen is glossy. Which is great if you're going to be watching movies on it. This computer has a screen that's as big as the televisions I lived with for the first half of my life. Except much flatter and more beautiful. So of course it would be great for movies. It doesn't do well with reflections and I think I'd need to think carefully about the light in my study when buying my new computer. But the screen is pin-sharp compared to a matte screen.

The form factor of the computer is lovely, though it's not been paired with matching speakers and although there's a new keyboard there's been no change to the Mighty Mouse. Nevertheless, the aluminium and glass does look great, and it does the trick of making the white iMac look a little bit tired and old-fashioned. I still miss the desklamp iMac though (Marianne has mine now; it's still going strong).

I haven't tried out the iApps yet -- I'm going to have a look at iMovie and Numbers, both of which are brand new, in a minute.

Good thing I didn't bring any credit cards with me this morning, isn't it?

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