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AKICIF: cheap glasses online
Have any UK LJers reading this ordered cheap glasses online? How did it compare to the high street? Are you happy with your glasses? What about high prescriptions? Any particular recommendations for companies?

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Ask Liam. He doesn't deign to *read* lj, just posts. But he found dead cheap ones he likes although they seem a bit small for him.

glassesdirect.co.uk - £95 for frameless thinned photoreactive glasses, really nice but took several weeks to arrive and then I broke them.

So then I went to www.goggles4u.com, who are stupidly cheap but have a lot of frames to wade through and some of them have peculiar dimensions, and the glasses come from somewhere in Pakistan. I have had 4 pairs from them including sunglasses, and they are all fine except for one pair of frameless glasses where they had stuck the nosepiece on wonky, so I complained and they agreed to discount my next pair. Price is a bit higher for strong prescriptions, but they go very high.

I also used glassesdirect and found them fine.

Yes. I have quite a strong prescription, so they were quite a lot cheaper. The big kick is not being able to get the same frames as you can find on the high street, as the big-name designers throttle supply and come down like a ton of bricks on anyone not making the regulation markup... So you can get nice glasses, just not Alain Mikli or Philippe Starck.

I have bought several pairs from www.lowcostspex.co.uk

these include my memory metal bifocals, bifocal sunglasses and a pair of varifocals for Fran. Very satisfied with speed of service and quality especially for price.

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