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Well, GIP obviously. This year's pumpkin was inspired by this dalek, which is, er, a bit out of my league.

This is based on BBC gallery photos but not on an existing pumpkin design; we pulled a couple of likely photos into Photoshop and Marianne told me how Cybermen glow. It's my first attempt at shading, too. The pumpkin's a rather unpromising squat shape, too. Boo to Tescos, who had a big pile of essentially crap pumpkins.

Next year: a dremel. But not I think, a Funkin - 'realistic hand-painted artificial pumpkins that allow you to keep your carvings forever'. Because that would be tat. Just a bit.

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I'm hoping we get a pumpkin in the veg. box today. We forgot at the weekend and M made soup out of the last one without carving :-(

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