Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Tangerine iPhone Dream

Last night I dreamt I was in the Apple Store in Regent Street checking out the iPhones.

And obviously it was a bit busy. But it turned out that Apple had decided to release the iPhone in two colourways; the familiar cool smooth black, and a lurid plasticky translucent tangerine. Very like the tangerine on a tangerine ibook.

For some reason, all the black ones had sold out very quickly, but there was a big stack of tangerine ones available, both to play with and to take away. And so I bought one, and was delighted to be one of the first owners of a shiny new orange iPhone. In that way of dreams, the phone also folded up so that it turned out to be no larger than my BlackBerry Pearl after all.

Careful analysis of this dream suggests I may be both overly materially focused and a slavering Apple fanboi. In reality, it may be as much as a week before I acquire a +2 charm of mugger attraction. And it will be black.

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