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Indians in the Lobby
If you happen to be watching The West Wing on E4, one of the Indians in the lobby looks exactly like long haired fishlifter.

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(Deleted comment)
I met Doug Faunt during the Worldcon. We chatted about ships. He did mention that he went to the Proms and I wondered if I should ask if he knew you, but I thought, what are the odds?

Silly me. This is fandom, after all.

(Deleted comment)
Doug Faunt is one of those people who is Always There Wherever you Go. Like Jon Singer used to be, but isn't any more unfortunately. I remember as far back as 88 when Chris and I were on our US TAFF trip, he popped up everywhere we went ( Well, OK, San Fran, NY and N'Orleans. As did Alan Bostick, who ws also in Seattle I think. They get around, these US fen.)

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