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Advice on Fetish Gear Needed. Apparently.
That was a fun headline to write. Anyway, it turns out that the great world of sexual perversion is broader than I had imagined.

I need to get hold of a pair of fingerless gloves, super quickly, because I'm playing melodeon out with the Morris on Boxing Day and I suspect I'm going to freeze to death. Obviously I'm looking for something in Chingford colours (red, yellow, green), and my Chingford sweatshirt is green, so red or yellow would be nice. I quickly discover that there's a supplier of fingerless gloves, magic so they fit all sizes, who has fingerless gloves in 67 different patterns and colours. Name of the shop? Madame Fantasy. Other items sold? The sorts of things you might expect.

So, here's what I need to know. Are brightly coloured woollen fingerless gloves a common fetish object? Do a lot of you out there fantasise about people wearing fingerless gloves? I understand that kinks are pretty individual. But. Still.

Anyway, for anyone answering in the affirmative to the previous question, you can get a cheap thrill by coming to any one of a number of pubs in Waltham Abbey on Boxing Day. Also a mummers' play.

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We dance with the cloggy bits of Chingford Morrismen, though not well enough to dance out. The Cotswold side is men-only, but they're happy to have female musicians, so I'm playing with them. M and J are also learning clog.

Is that the adult content flag?

(Deleted comment)
Wool does not wash clean terribly well from bodily fluids.


Actually they're acrylic and machine washable.

"You dirty old man..."

the great world of sexual perversion is broader than I had imagined.
And, indeed, than any one person can imagine, to hopelessly misquote.

One does wonder though.

It sounds more like an alternative fashion shop than an actual fetish one (and if it's the one that's on eBay, then definitely. Leg-warmers, gloves and stockings).

Lots of stockings, and it does say 'unique and sexy'.

you can get a cheap thrill by coming to any one of a number of pubs in Waltham Abbey on Boxing Day

Would love to see you play, but there'll be no public transport so we'll be stuck in Tottenham. Poot!

I think there must be public transport, because they're saying explicitly that there's no Victoria Line that day, which rather implies that some LUL is running. And indeed http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/festive-leaflet.pdf it appears that tube and bus run most of a Sunday service on Boxing Day. It also says that black cabs are only £4 extra on Christmas Day, which rather surprised me.

Not, to be honest, that I would recommend that people come out on Boxing Day to watch morris and mummers unless they're actually keen. Much much better to come and watch in the summer when the weather's nice (though obviously no mummers then; for mummers you do have to brave the cold).

If anyone is keen, Morris+mummers at the Angel in Waltham Abbey at 12 noon, then Morris at the Welsh Harp in Waltham Abbey at 12:45, and Morris at the Duke of Wellington in High Beach at 1:30.

Comments on the fertility rite are not wrong; Steven will be *inside* the Chingford mascot, a massive and virile ram called Goldenballs. He tried it out at the Waltham Abbey folk club Christmas party, to general approbation.

Edited at 2007-12-21 01:31 pm (UTC)

Made of wicker? They're not going to burn him, are they?

'cos that would be a Bad Thing...

Last place I encountered with a large range of woollen fingerless gloves on sale was the eBay shop I bought my traditional woollen tea cosy from. Now tea cosy and fingerless gloves,
would be a fetish.

Meeep! I would come very gladly, but here I am in Italy. Eating tons of sweet and non sweet stuff, then coming home, taking digestive salts and attacking the leftovers.

Life's tough. :-)

Oh for Ghod's sake. Just get some gloves and cut off the fingers.

While you're NOT wearing them.

If they were latex, there'd still be a use for the fingers afterwards...

buy £1 gloves in Tesco -cut off ends -result fingerless gloves as worn by me.

I don't get out of bed on boxing day but will add spiritual encouragement from the Cambridge direction.

I wanted "three-finger" gloves, after using work gloves in that configuration, so I just bought some reasonably nice fleece gloves and cut off the appropriate fingertips. Works perfectly.

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