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Merry Christmas
I hope that you're all enjoying a happy and peaceful holiday -- or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, using the time constructively. We have been enjoying quiet preparations; it's amazing how many of those little silver cake decorating balls there turn out to be in a pot when they're scattered all over the kitchen floor.

At any rate, here is our 2007 Christmas card:

Marianne and Jonathan pasted into a sweet Victorian picture of carol singing children, with the caption, 'Help, we are trapped in a Christmas Card'

Oh, yes, and we're not going to Zone 7 At All this festive season. Hurrah!

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Zone 7 is now Zone 10, as zones A, B, C & D have been renumbered to 7, 8 & 9.

Have they? I must have missed a memo. Is this to do with TfL taking over the Gospel Oak and Barking Line?

Is that one line or two?

So my Zone goes to 11 now?

That obviously hasn't quite happened yet since all the TfL maps online are still listing them as A, B, C & D - when's it going to switch over?

2 January, I think, when the new fares take effect.

My mother is charmed beyond words by your xmas card! I think she believes you cut the kids faces out with scissors and glued them on...


...sort of...

...it took hours...

Great card! I read about it in gerisullivan's LJ so I am very glad to be able to see what she was talking about. Best holiday wishes.

Definitely happy and peaceful--cattitude and I are both on vacation, we are not setting alarm clocks, the gym was pleasantly uncrowded, and so was my favorite chocolate shop.

Worse than just being trapped in a Christmas card, trapped in a Dickensian Christmas card. A terrible fate for anybody below the age of sixteen.

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