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Jonathan is still awake.
We're exhausted... he appears to be full of beans and setting traps in his room to catch Father Christmas whenever nobody is looking.

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(Deleted comment)
A -hah! He turned up here just about ten minutes after J went solidly off to sleep, resolutely cheerful despite being kept waiting. Me, I'm with XKCD.

We also appear to have had a heavy localised snowfall in the vicinity of our tree.

And now, sleep...

Edited at 2007-12-25 02:03 am (UTC)

Yeah, we get those one-mile-or-less wide blizzards when the wind is fetching off the lakes. Maybe there was a big puddle outside?

I don't suppose you thought about letting him watch the episode of Ask a Ninja which deals with Christmas? Jonathan would have second thoughts about taking on Santa Claus if he knew what he was goign up against.

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