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Oysterband at the Marquee
OK, last time at least one LJ person took me to task for not letting people know more widely. So, here it is. Who would like to come and see the Oysterband at the Marquee (Parkfield St, Islington) on Thursday 14th November? New album out on Monday, which I've heard most of already because I've seen them three times this summer.

Advance tickets are £12.50, support is Little Johnny England, a band we saw at Cropredy and would have bought the album of if only they'd managed to have it there on sale (something complicated had happened). Doors 7pm. In case it bothers you, I think it very likely that this will be an unseated gig.

Once again, I find that concerts crowd together in clumps; we're seeing A Show of Hands on the 7th, and Linda Thompson on the 10th.

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Ooo, ooo! Me! Me!

Cool - drpete and I will come along. I'm guessing there's a number for tickets on the website? And that it's not seated? cool...

Okay.... first holyoutlaw mentions "All That Way For This," then I type out the lyrics for him and fall in love with Deserters all over again, then jbsegal mentions the new album, and now you're going to see them -- all in about five days here in LJ-land. What's next.

It's not as weird as all that -- because I saw the reference to "All that way for this" in your blog, and thought 'I wonder when the new album is coming out', so went off to their website to check tour dates (because Oysterband usually do a London gig in early December, though I guess the Marquee gig is it for this year), and then posted.

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