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Ok. So did I list hedgehogs as an interest in a sudden moment of hysteria? Or has someone sinisterly hacked my livejournal? Honestly. I have no memory of this. All the other interests seem fine...

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It seems to be a popular interest, anyhow. Two hedgehog-specific communities, and over 400 people.

If it was a sinister hacker, maybe none of those other people is interested in hedgehogs either.

Well, it wasn't me. Honest.

But of course you are interested in hedgehogs, they are fannish, don't you know? Y.S said so.

Hedgehogs!?! I think you should have numbats down as an interest. They're much cuter you know and I can name one who has done a lot to amuse you and the rest of the Cabal these last few years. Hedgehogs indeed!

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