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What should I do with €40?
I have 40 Euros in cash, the proceeds of an eBay sale to an Italian who really couldn't cope with the concept of "I don't sell to foreign buyers other than via Paypal". What should I do with them? Best option for me would be to turn them into sterling at a reasonable exchange rate without leaving my desk.

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You could sell them to me and I'll use them towards my FilkContinental membership at the Filkcon next weekend ...

Cool, but will I see you before next weekend? I need to return a mandolin to you as well.

Probably not ... as the tun isn't until the following week .. however if you trust me and the post office you could just stick the notes in an envelope and post them to me and I could either hand you cash or do a bank transfer of the sterling. Unless you get a better offer :-)

That's probably close enough in fact; do I have your snail mail address?

Almost certainly ... 18 Letchworth Avenue, Feltham, Middx. TW14 9RY
... unless you're somewhere near Waterloo next week and want to meet for a coffee of course :-)

Stick them in a drawer for a year, and then use them to pay off your mortgage after the pound and dollar have finished crashing against the euro.

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