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Anti Consumer Month
I am in the Regent Street Apple Store. I'm playing with a MacBook Air. Please talk me down.

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You could always buy it for me instead...

Think of all the money spent on superfluous technology that you will have to give away (or hand down to the kids?)

Apart from the ones that were stolen (we're using their replacements) we're still using every Mac we've ever bought, and could comfortably hand down an extra laptop or two when we buy our MacBook Airs.

Slower processor. Limited storage. No shiny disk drive. Battery not user-replaceable. What's to like? Of course, me, I'm still waiting for my PowerBook G5 with the 4-inch heat sinks on top. That's a manly machine, and with the external fans, it's very science fictional too. I also like the fact that it snaps into its own aluminum pack frame. Let's face it, underweight computers are not a good enough workout.

It is, however, Made Of Win. It's so very very pretty.

But I resisted. For the Time Being.

Speaking as a dedicated Mac user, who has just dropped a *lot* of money on a new Mac Pro, I have to say that the Air leaves me pretty much cold. It's very pretty, but too expensive, too fragile, too small a hard drive, too limited in its ports.

Spend the money on something better!

Edited at 2008-02-13 05:37 pm (UTC)

Perhaps a Giant American Fridge.

It's the same size as a MacBook, when it comes down to it. Oh, and it's 99 quid to change the battery...

The MacBook looks like a airbrick by comparison. I can easily pick up the MacBook Air with one hand without thinking about it. I wonder how fragile it is?

I think Mr. Stross had it correct in his blog. It's very pretty, and it'll be a good buy in the not-too-far distant future when it's not quite so far out on the bleeding edge...

Of course, Mr. Stross has actually bought one.

No way to upgrade memory, and the stock memory in any machine is never enough.

Apple wanted to charge me 90 quid for an ibook battery. I got a Chinese work-alike for 35 quid and it's giving me better performance than I ever got from the original. Do you really want to help them increase _that_ profit margin?

I have no problem at all with Apple's profit margin; that's what they use to design my toys.

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Sister, I just resisted buying a new set of speakers - that would be the third hi-level set in a house of two bedrooms.

How I did it? I went to Waitrose to buy some stock cubes and by the time I had paid the Apple Store was closed! I win!

The Air whispers... " am I for you, bohemiancoast..."

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