Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Is your London post office about to close?

20% of them are, including mine -- and perhaps yours, too? The consultation runs until Easter. Different areas have different times, and you can get all the consultation documents here:

I need to find a way of commenting that basically says 'well, obviously, I don't *need* a branch post office when there's a crown post office just round the corner, but given that the crown post office is utterly appalling in so many ways (eg the queue is always out the door; wonder if that will improve when all the local branch offices close?)...'.

But the single biggest thing I need is a tiny change; branch offices nearly always leave a sack lying around that you can shove your parcels into. Crown offices don't; you have to queue to hand in pre-stamped parcels. I now buy my postage online, so my only involvement with the post office is to hand these parcels in. If they had a parcel drop, I'd not need to stand in line, and although my workflow would be slightly different using the main office, it would only be slightly less convenient.

For Walthamstow Village, losing its post office will be a major disaster; a shopping area with a post office feels like a community in a way that one without a post office doesn't. But I think the shop owner has already resigned himself to losing the post office; they've started remodelling the shop.

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