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Someone is WRONG on the Internet
And today, that someone is xkcd. So Wrong I Don't Know Where To Start. What's more, I am not the only one; infinite controversy has broken out. He clearly has Citrus Issues.

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Not to mention the harm he does to the poor misunderstood tomato. I shudder to think of the salad & hamburger factions.

Look thoroughly rightheaded to me...

As far as grapefruit is concerned, yes. But that's about the only fruit I consider it reasonable to avoid (not that, in matters of taste, "reasonable" counts for much).

What kind of freak doesn't like oranges??!!?!?

I like everything about oranges except for the way my hands get oily when peeling them, the way the pith gets stuck under my thumbnails, the way that the flesh gets stuck between my teeth, and the way that the juice makes my teeth feel rough. The taste is okay, though.

Oh, what a simple but effective way to stir up controversy. Grapefruits, pomegranates -- and equally tomatoes and seeded grapes: all wrong...

i AGREE on the difficult/easy, just not the tasty/untasty . (Watermelon? It tastes of water!!)

Rubbish, seeded grapes are more difficult than pineapple (how difficult is it to open a tin? Grin!)

And red apples are tasty, certainly tastier than blueberries ...

... the battle commences!

You might even think he [gasp] wanted to stir things a little...

I dunno, they're all good blended with vodka. Better than cabbage anyway.

Also better than brussels sprouts.

But not *my* brussel sprouts, eh?

MKK-- yes ok, even I think most fruit yummier than brussel sprouts

Actually, in this case I was thinking that all of the fruit in question would be better than brussels sprouts when blended, with vodka. I was harkening back to the tales of the BTLE brussels sprout daquiris incident.

But yes, you make a lovely brussels sprout salad, and I don't care who knows it.

Well, I can't figure out why anyone would want to mix anything with vodka in the first place. Gin is so much tastier, but yes, almost anything would be better than vodka and cruciferous veggies. I am reminded of that horrible artichoke liqueur someone left here after a party. Ick.


I have to agree with his stance on coconuts though.

Yes, he's got a point there. It's amazing anyone ever learned they were edible.

I am sort of with him on the pomegranate one but seriously is there such a thing as 'untasty' fruit? Haven't found one yet.

I'm right with him on the grapefruit. Blergh!

I can't grasp the location of tomatoes on that chart.
All fruits are good.

I think this is a series with the cartoon two back, as you reference.

I wonder if he's a supertaster -- citrus might seem unpleasantly bitter to them.


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