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Ob Snow
OK, so my friendslist this morning consists of dozens of posts saying 'look! Snow!' with the odd picture of a cat looking disdainfully at the snow, and the occasional person saying 'huh, soft southerners, call that snow? And there's no snow here'.

But I think we should put this into perspective. Jonathan is 7, Marianne is 11, and this is the first time in their entire lives that we've had enough snow on a non-school morning to build a snowman. Marianne isn't even here: she's off at Guide camp (fortunately in huts not tents ha ha). We didn't pack hat, scarf or gloves; it is, after all, April.

The green bits are not where snow has melted, they're the bits that were rolled up to make the snowman. The eyes are strawberries. Turns out also that snowmen are smaller than they used to be.

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Thanks for the photo - looks like y'all had fun! Hope the snow didn't disrupt things too much out your way.

No snow here (well, a very small flurry, but none at all settled). We had some at Easter though (enough to build a snowman, but, like yours, leaving bare grass where rolled up).

That's a decent sized snoman! J is looking dangerous with that snowball though :)

Of course, he couldn't actually throw the big ones with any accuracy at all, so they just landed by my feet.

I seem to recall that much of British fandom had the same difficulty with tomatoes over 10 years ago.

Wah!! We don't have snow. Wah!!

It's different seeing the picture of the snow in a garden I've spent time in; thanks.

It's not that I'm disdainful of snow; more startled that you're getting this relatively serious snowfall while my friends in Minnesota are talking about snowmelt.

(It was startling, last night, to look at the Met Office page and see a predicted 2-5 cm described as "heavy snow," but of course it depends on what you're used to. New York City has thousands of snowplows that they can attach to every garbage truck the city owns, and practice at doing so; London doesn't.)

Man, he's grown a few inches since I last saw him! Hm, three years ago, I think.

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