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Get yer Hugo-nominated fanzine here
We're in the middle of a Plokta weekend and have possibly had too much to eat and not enough gin. At any rate. We're just in the process of mailing out the issue of Plokta that appeared at Eastercon. Obviously, all the back issues are online, and this one will be too in due course. But would you like a paper copy? If you get the fanzine already and we haven't summarily clubbed you like a baby seal, you will get it and don't need to comment. But if not, and you'd like one, please comment below with your current mailing address (screened for your protection).

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I hear you used that illo I sent: glad you liked it.

Ooh, yes, lovely thank you!

Can I have one pls? I donated mine to The Cause at Eastercon.

FF, in the Plokta annex, like the mad woman she is.

Y'know, for a minute there I thought you'd already done another issue, like British Chris Garcias or something. Or maybe you have and I am just too cynical.

too much to eat and not enough gin

The solution to this would be More Gin. In the interests of balance (though possibly best, for that, to stay sitting down).

No, this is the Eastercon issue. Though we do actually have a Plan for the summer issue, so that will probably happen now.

Oddly, that's the approach we took.

Any idea on the likely copy deadline for the summer issue? I've something that I whipped together to accompany a LOC, but wasn't able to finish it in time for Easter...

Copy deadline for the next issue is the end of May -- that's a fairly hard deadline as we will be constructing the issue on the first weekend in June or thereabouts (providing Sue can make it).

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