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I know everyone is saying this today, but please vote. In London, or for the local elections -- or I guess elsewhere in the world if there are elections going on today. Please make your choice based on who has the best policies (you might like votematch.co.uk ), and who you think is most likely to be able to run things.

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Thank you, that's the best call to vote I've seen today ... it doesn't try coercion, guilt, threats of removing a right to complain etc.

Although I tend to agree with you about the 'right to complain', one of the key principles by which I try to live my life is that if something isn't working for me, I try to do what I can to sort it out rather than just complaining about it. I would commend that approach.

I'm constrained (by my career) from having a role in politics, but my recommendation to those who are unhappy but don't feel any of the candidates is right for them is to become active in a small and local way. See if there's a party that's close enough, or a campaign group on a particular issue that's important to you, and get involved to try to change things. Sometimes you can change things! And other times, you can get a better understanding of why things are the way they are in a way that reduces the sense of hopelessness and unhappiness that tends to go along with passive consumption of politics.

Definitely. And if you can't find someone you like, find someone to vote against (Plenty of scope for that in the London election).

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