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OK, so we're back online again, after a fashion. NTL tech support was right; I just wish it hadn't taken them two days to tell us what was wrong. Basically, it's like this. If you've got interactive services on your TV, then your broadband is almost certainly also working, and the problem has to be beyond the set-top box. ie, a fault with our cable, not NTL's kit. So I found another (shorter) crossover cable and have attached the router to the settop box. This means that all the computers that have wireless access are now online again; which means the iMac and one of the laptops.

I'm now going to grab the e-mail, but if you've been waiting for email from me, that's why you haven't heard. In particular green_amber, I got your letter this morning and am working on it.

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Of course just because the cable gets to your set top box doesn't mean the internet service is on that cable ... something at their exchange could have blown, but if the point was that other people in the area were working and your's was the only one not, and your cable TV *is* working, then it is indeed going to be downstream of the set top box ...

... blueyonder support were surprisingly helpful when I had something similar on mine (PC died, moved network card to next PC couldn't get back on line ...) took me through all the obvious and unobvious things and stayed on the call while I continually rebooted the machine to see if it would pick up the IP address this time. Finally identified that the network card, while apparantly working, was actually not sending anything down the cable (yes, we'd swopped cables by this point) and so I put in another network card, the guy from BlueYonder said it could take up to 24 hours for the new MAC address to get through their servers but he'd see if he could do anything ... and five minutes later the new network card was recognised and I was back on line. That call was at least half an hour (we rebooted the PC at least seven times, swapped cables, checked configurations and eventually swapped network cards) but since at the end it was all working, I have deep admiration for at least one of the BY technical people (and yes, I did have to wait 10-15 minutes to get through in the first place, but given how much time he gave me and how he stayed on the line until it worked rather than have me call back, I'm actually very happy with the BY service (Telewest in case anyone doesn't know, the "competitors" to NTL except they don't compete as each has a monopoly in each geographical district)

Glad to hear you're back.

Re: Yes, makes some sense

When I lost broadband (from the Telewest Useless Bastards TM)it was because they had sawed through their own cable while installing someone else's. They are That Clever.

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