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Kill Dem Catnip Mousies
Hello, frostfox, I have Culpeper catnip mousies for His Royal Highness. Though actually I got one mouse and one fish, for variety. I hope the mousiness of teh mousies was not critical. Kept looking behind me on way back to the office in case alley cats were about to attack my bag in search of drugs.

Culpeper is Not What it Once Was. Where are the spice jars? The range of otherwise unobtainable herbs and spices? The whole, oh, apothecary feeling? However they were redeemed by their photo wall, on which they pin up the photos people send them of their cats going totally batfreak on catnip.

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We had one up here for a while, I plunged in in eager anticipation only to discover it was full of lavender bags and bath salts. There were some flavoured vinegars, at more-than-supermarket prices, but no culinary herbs at all. Luckily we have a couple of Real Herbalists still in Sheffield, that have big china jars full of the Interesting Stuff. Wormwood, Valerian, that sort of thing ...

Culpeper is a shadow of its former self; I remember when the Covent Garden shop was reason enough to go up to town (that and the newsagent nearby which sold imported issues of BYTE at hideously inflated prices).

Neal's Yard has gone much the same way, alas.

Thank you from the bottom of Max's black little heart.
I will send before and after pictures of cat nip mousies (fishies is fine too).


I believe the retail end of Culpeper was bought/merged with Napiers several years ago (around the time Cambridge lost its branch of the former). The combined Culpepers/Napiers online is pretty useless too.

My cats prefer fennel to catnip.

I used to get the 50g bags of catnip from them & I was mightily pissed off when told 'they didn't do them & have never done them.'

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