Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

OK, that'll do me

O2 are once again allowing existing customers to abandon the last months of their current contract and switch to the new iPhone. With a new 18 month contract (but in practice my previous "18 month" contract will have been about nine months.) -- existing customers pay £99/£159, get the new phone. Looks like I might even be able to downgrade my tariff to £30/month, though I'm not exactly sure I want to because if I was on a 75/200 tariff I might actually have to keep track of minutes.

Oh, goodness; the unlimited free WiFi, which at the moment is only through the not-very-prevalent Cloud, is going to include BT Openzone from 11 July. I've accidentally picked up BT Openzone hotspots hundreds of times since having the iPhone; this is very good news.

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