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OK, that'll do me
O2 are once again allowing existing customers to abandon the last months of their current contract and switch to the new iPhone. With a new 18 month contract (but in practice my previous "18 month" contract will have been about nine months.) -- existing customers pay £99/£159, get the new phone. Looks like I might even be able to downgrade my tariff to £30/month, though I'm not exactly sure I want to because if I was on a 75/200 tariff I might actually have to keep track of minutes.

Oh, goodness; the unlimited free WiFi, which at the moment is only through the not-very-prevalent Cloud, is going to include BT Openzone from 11 July. I've accidentally picked up BT Openzone hotspots hundreds of times since having the iPhone; this is very good news.

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Mmm, very tempting. And yes, BT Openzone support is going to be very useful.

It's a pity that the Bluetooth profiles are still so very limited -- they've added Bluetooth keyboards, but no network tethering, no file transfer, no Bluetooth sync, no using the GPS to geotag photos taken on your external camera.

Still doesn't allow sending of MMS either, does it? At least the article I saw indicated not.

Given the availability of email, and of email to MMS, and of third party apps which will presumably deliver this, I am not sure that this ought to be a deal-breaker for anyone. I'm much sadder about still not having video capture or a slick camera. I could of course wait for the pre-Christmas model bump. But honestly, £99.

GPS on board, but otherwise agreed.

GPS is onboard, but if I have a real camera with Bluetooth but not GPS, I can't tell it to get the GPS coordinates automatically from the iPhone at the time the photo is taken and tag the photo with them, as the iPhone doesn't support remote query for GPS coordinates.

Point. I don't consider that a killer flaw, but it is a flaw.

To me, the iPhone wasn't worth $499/$599, but the new version is worth $199/$299 -- just as an ipod/phone replacement. The bluetooth stack worries me less, given other ways to sync. I do wish they would allow tether -- and I suspect the reason the corporate data plane is $15/month more is that it will allow tether.

The guys ranting about how it won't support VoIP need to pay attention to what an iPhone is.

Are you going to pay to get the new phone? (and if so are you selling your old one... :))

P.S. I'm a friend of atreic's

Yes and maybe; I'm waiting to see what the PAYG option is like. Because I may want to pass my iPhone onto Steven, or Marianne.

Selling is dependent on having worked out how to efficiently wipe it of course.

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