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Greek Theatre Players: the Tempest
For those in or near Walthamstow:

Despite the waveform not collapsing on the weather, we are planning to go and see the Greek Theatre Players tonight, at the open air Greek Theatre at Walthamstow School for Girls. They're doing The Tempest this year. Weather is lovely at the moment, forecast is for showers (MetCheck) or light rain (BBC) but I'm not sure I believe it and besides, none of the other days that the play is on look any better.

Last time we went we had a really splendid night; last year we skipped it because, well, rain.

So here's the plan; we'll go tonight unless the weather's really grim. You are all welcome too; tickets are first come first served (but last time we went it was gloriously sunny and nowhere near full), adults £7 concessions £4, 7:30pm. Bring a cushion or blanket to sit on and something warm to wear because it gets colder later, and perhaps something to drink.

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Oh dear. I am reading this at a quarter to nine.

Have no fear; it didn't happen anyway because M was feeling sick. We *may* go tomorrow night. Or next week -- it's on Weds-Sat next week as well.

I would like them not to describe their venue as a "maginificent classical amphitheatre" please.

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