Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

20" G4 iMacs

This is a query for Macophiles really. Marianne is finding her 15" G4 iMac to be a bit slow and underpowered for her needs. (The first Mac I ever owned! If I sell it on eBay, I will include my unpacking shot.) I suggested we might consider buying her a new computer, and she was most disparaging about the current line of iMacs, or even the previous line of G5 iMacs. Instead, she said that the G4 desklamp style iMac that she has already is quite the most beautiful computer ever made and she just wants one like that only better. I did point out that she wouldn't be able to run PC games on it.

Buying a second-hand 20" iMac G4 (1.25Ghz) would seem to be the way to go. I seem to recall that some on my friends list either own or have owned this model (Geri? Dop?). Anything we should watch out for? Problems/issues/things that tend to go wrong?

In other news, I'm having a lovely birthday; thanks to everyone who wished me well. But it's a quiet one, because last week was incredibly busy at work and this week will be more so. We did get out last night, to the annual Mawkin barn dance at our local pub. And Jim Causley popped in and sang a couple of songs with them as well. Very cool.

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