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Hello Santa
From ajshepherd: Fuji has announced the development of a complete 3D consumer imaging system, comprising a camera (currently at concept stage), 3D photo frame (sounds like an actual product which I can buy if not now then soon, though only 920k pixels bah), and lenticular home printer (also concept).

The camera will have matched twin lenses and incorporate a 3D LCD viewfinder; it will process 3D images in real time in camera, both stills and video, but will also deliver the separate images (which I hope removes any chance that the 3D images will be as small as the <1MP photo frame). It will deliver 0.001s synchro (which is an order of magnitude better than the best twinned systems can currently manage).

There is almost no possibility that this could be launched, even if aimed at prosumers, at a price that wouldn't cause me to buy the entire kit, probably with photo frames for both home and work, on day one. I do hope I will be able to retro-process a decade's worth of stereo images to view and print though.

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Oooooooohhhhhhh. Can't stop drooooling.

I'd think that a good color laser could print split-up images for lenticular screens already, and all that's needed is a good source of the screens and software to make the adjustments. I know the software is out there, but it seems to have been pulled off of the consumer market.

There are apparently services who will do this for you. David Mattingly got some lenticulars made, so it's possible.

Indeed, but it's rather expensive to get them made. A decent photo inkjet has the resolution to print lenticulars; the software is apparently available in user-hostile form for nothing, and all you then need is the plastic. Which last time I looked wasn't available in the UK to the consumer in amounts of less than, oh, a hundredweight. I put it down as 'too much trouble' compared to giving people a little viewer with their prints.

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Yes, there's no reason why a dual lens camera has to be big; slightly bigger than a regular compact digital camera is what I'd expect. My current twin camera is less heavy than a dSLR, and it's two cameras strapped together with additional metalwork. Ooh I'm so excited.

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