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AKICILJ: reducing plastic bottle use and make your own fizzy water

We have a range of reusable bottles (bike bottles, mostly), which we use when carrying water so that we can carry tap water rather than bottled water. Saves money, avoids plastic bottle debris, etc.

Now. My drink of choice is fizzy water, which I like to buy, environment notwithstanding, in 2l plastic bottles. Which I recycle obviously. I just like bubbles.

I have two problems. The first is that I want to carry this water with me places. None of our existing reusable bottles carry fizzy water without leaking. At present I occasionally buy a half litre bottle of fizzy water, keep the bottle, and refill it from the big bottles. Unfortunately people keep throwing my bottle out, costing me money and increasing plastic bottle use. Apparently Sigg bottles are fine for fizzy water, but I don't know whether I could cope with the weight or non-squeezability of the bottles. Does anyone have any other ideas?

The second problem is that the whole 'get Ocado to deliver 20 bottles of mineral water' approach gets old very quickly. Plus, all those bottles. Ocado's cheapest fizzy water is about 70p/2 litres; by comparison, Tesco value water is 21p for 2l, but Tesco got wise to people me ordering 100 bottles of fizzy water + £5 delivery charge and knocked it on the head. Plus, all those bottles.

The only obvious solution is SodaStream, recently starting to focus specifically on people like me. Machines are £50 (and need to be put somewhere), gas turns out at £16/120 litres, or 28p/2l. (This is the cost once you've counted in returning old cartridges). Is the system reliable? Are there other approaches? Old-fashioned soda siphons use disposable cartidges so they're probably no better than buying plastic bottles.

To summarise: How do I carry fizzy water? How do I make fizzy water?
Views welcome.


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