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My suggestion for the group to be the butt of all those 'stupid people' jokes
Two cardboards walked into a bar...

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I like that.

Or cut to the chase: "Two idiots walked into a bar..."

Some of my best friends are cardboards

Now, isn't that being mean to the, er, mentally impaired? Two drunks walk into the bar...

I like to leave the abusive jokes to those of the particular persuasion being abused. Blondes can tell blonde jokes, Norwegians can tell the Norske jokes, and so forth. For this reason I seldom repeat the "stupid men" jokes, although I read them and laugh.

Of course more sophisticated jokes are specially tailored to the characteristics of the particular population being abused. We were watching a bug's life last night and the walkingstick comedian sez: How many cockroaches does it take to change a lightbulb? No one knows, as soon as the light goes on they scatter!

Ba dum. I laughed a lot during that movie.

Excuse me? How is being cardboard a "lifestyle choice" rather than something we're stuck with?

I feel persecusted now.

Crazy as it sounds, I agree with the bint!

You people are bloody awful - first it's the Irish, then it's blonds, now it's cardboards.

What next? "Two vampires with chips walked into a bar"?

Are you deliberately persecuting me?

I take it cardboard people are very like straw men?

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