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Still pretty sleepy
Morocco was splendid. We're very tired now. A very few photos on my flickr stream (makes a change from knitting, right?). www.flickr.com/photos/bohemiancoast .

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Beautiful. I'm feeling less bad about the "everything's so cheap, it's like Morocco!" comment that some britfans made visiting here.

I thought you had 1200 pix!! ta for all the Marrakech info :)

Probably no more than 700, which means only slightly over 500 really because there are two photos for each of the stereo photos. I've never been inclined to stick thousands of photos on Flickr, but I may put a few more of the really nice ones up later.

I love the blue garden.

It is the Jardin Majorelle, designed by the artist Jacques Majorelle and bought and restored by Yves Saint Laurent. It was unbelievably perfect, even in the pouring rain. Normally the blue Moroccan sky complements the garden and the clear light saturates the colours.

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