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Will you heal us in the heart of America?

Tucked half way down the big pile of post on the doormat was my pre-ordered copy of the re-issue of my all-time Most Wanted CD, The Circle and the Square, by Red Box. I alternate between accepting that this album was a product of its time, insanely over-produced and trite in parts, and believing it a critical precursor of world fusion music. Whichever way, I still love it in that way that you can only love albums you bought as a teenager. On vinyl.

I have a tiny part in this reissue in that it wouldn't have happened without all the plaintive blog posts and silly eBay bids of the army of slightly lost 80s Red Box fans; I had one each of those. Time Warner, of course, are far too big to notice candidates for little reissues like this. Instead, in a stroke of genius, Cherry Red, the label who originally signed Red Box, licensed the tracks from Time Warner and put it out on their fan driven Cherry Pop label, whose stable also includes Visage, Stephen Tin Tin Duffy, A Flock of Seagulls and Hayzi Fantayzee.

So. If you're a Brit of the right sort of age, you should certainly pop over to Amazon and shell out eight quid.

And meanwhile, let's hear it from the heart of America.

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