Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Ooh, a meme! Let me pick it!

From vgqn:

Do you have a picture you love as the background on your screen? Post it and tell me why you like it.

macro picture of water droplets on blue spruce leaves

I found this macro photo of water droplets on blue spruce leaves when I was looking for the background for the Plokta 36 cover, "Bad Gifts". It was a happy chance; the original plan was to use a picture of a Christmas tree with baubles as the background, and when I searched on 'Christmas tree' I found the amazing water droplets photos of Flickr user stevewall (and used one of those as the background for my family Christmas card that year, which used exactly the same technique as "Bad Gifts"). I then decided that the water droplets worked really well for the effect I wanted, and searched through a waterdroplets pool to find this image, from bonsaikiptb. It has a cc license which let me use it for Plokta.

I used a standard Aqua background on my previous computers. But the Aqua background doesn't really suit the new iMacs. The Leopard background does (NB: none of this is an accident and Apple are scarily obsessive) but I found the Leopard background had too much colour variation, and was too distracting to use on a computer where I was doing a lot of Photoshop. So I needed something new. I downloaded a variety of nice hi-res widescreen backgrounds but eventually concluded that I liked this photo better. I needed a 1920 x 1200 wallpaper though, so I upsampled. Every so often I notice that the resulting image is slightly soft but overall it works very well for me.

Edit: I realise I haven't actually said why I like it. I love the combination of science and nature in these water droplet photos; they celebrate something glorious in the natural world, but they do it using the wonder of modern photography. So this picture is redolent of science, nature and art. Plus there's a bit of the personal, because I've used this picture to make more art.

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