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My Very Own Little Lego Person
Comes from The Mini-Mizer. Though I did a bit of customisation after. Marianne thinks these are utterly cool, and I reckon that Lego could do a neat line in selling individualised little Lego people.

Marianne immortalised in virtual lego

Marianne's hair is not quite long enough for a ponytail yet, but she still wanted one on her LLP.

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Oh it's so cute...!!
I just posted to LJ and it lost it (bah!) and haven't the energy to start again so I'll ask YOU - how do I post my own dear LegoLass (who looks worryingly like me) to my journal?? No se HTML..

"Connie" (mood: knackered)

You can use it as a LJ user picture, but only if it's 100x100 pixels or less. If you email it to me, I can crop it for you.

Otherwise you need to upload the picture to somewhere else on the web (LJ filespace doesn't include images). Do you have a website anywhere? If not then email it to me, and I'll put it in the Kittywompus image files and send you the HTML you need to link to it from an LJ post.

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