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The Great Christmas Poll
OK, I've worked out what's going on the card, though I haven't actually done it or anything.

Poll #1312693 Mmm Christmas!

Would you like me to send you a Christmas card?

I love getting physical cards in the post; they decorate my home and make me feel Christmassy
I'd prefer an electronic greeting; please send me it by email. They reduce clutter and save the planet.
I'll read your greeting in your LJ; that's all I need to get into the spirit of the season
I don't celebrate Christmas; could you customise my greeting for my favourite midwinter celebration please (specify!)
I can't see any reason to have a big party at the winter solstice; I'll just sit here in the dark.
I am a unique snowflake and you have totally failed to cover my option

Would you like me to stick a santa hat on one of your icons?

Ooh, yes please; you choose
Ooh, yes please; I'd like a specific one (in comments)
No, ta (I understand this doesn't necessarily exempt me)


Mmm, humbugs!

If you want a card in the post or by email, can you make sure I have your postal and/or email address if I don't already -- I have screened comments for this purpose but will unscreen ones that don't have contact details in them.

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You've already very kindly made a Santa icon for me. I wouldn't turn down another of your choosing, but I'm also quite happy with the one I have.

We'd love a card! (contact details are here).

A santa hat on this one would be fun.

I'm happy with lj, but it must be said that the marquis likes the cardboard.

You did one for me a few years ago - and it was great. So I'm just being greedy :->

I would like an inappropriate hat on my "grumpy mcnulty" icon, please.

I don't figure I'm on your card list anyway, but I'd love a Santa hat icon. Don't care if I don't celebrate Xmas, they're fun.

I'm not sure that a Santa hat would improve my angel, but if you could make him look more sparkly for Christmas that would be nice.

Of course, for me, poll options 1 and 2 for the Santa Hat basically amount to the same thing, since I only have the one user icon...

I don't really understand the point of Christmas cards in the days of easy communication. I am not decorating my house for Christmas as I won't be here and I have few visitors. Seeing lots of people on LJ or whatever saying "merry Christmas everyone!" doesn't make me feel especially Christmassy either, to be honest.

I appreciate the stuff you put together and would welcome a card if you want to send me one, but I think asking in advance kind detracts from the "oh this person thought of me and specifically sent me a card" stuff.

If I were a Perfect Human Being*, I would rigorously go through my LJ, Facebook etc. friendslists, together with the fanzine mailing list, and carefully add all the right people to my address book's '2008 cards' mailing list. As that doesn't happen as assiduously as it should, this is a good way of both spotting who definitely wants cards, and also spotting the people who really don't care.

*and, critically, had infininte time before Christmas.

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