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2008 Santa Hat Meme (Round 1)
The rule is this:

1. Pick one of your friends' icons.
2. Photoshop a Santa Hat onto it, as badly as you like.
3. Profit!

Here's a batch for 2008. Comment if you're feeling neglected. New for this year, I might be able to drape sparkly tinsel on your icon instead if you ask nicely.

NB: if you have a *South Park* icon, or a *Lego Minimizer* icon, there are Santa Hats right there in the generator. You don't need me to do them.

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If you could do something with this one, I will be eternally grateful in a way that includes pints at Eastercon.

I think it really suits him...

Oh, that's glorious. Thank you so much!

I have just, just noticed this from 12 months ago! You are first on the list for 2009 and my terrible apologies.

Thank you! a double whammy !!

any chance of a Santa hat on this, please? o go on

You are a star! A twinkly Christmas one! Thank you!

It took me forever to even get a single icon uploaded -- and now I have two!

Ooh, lovely.

It's even in sketchy style!

You remind me it's time to change to the Snow Queen icon!

Bah humbug!

I suppose I could take the real Santa hat out of the closet, doesn't everyone have one? and get the webcam thingy poised just right at arms' length...

And here's the one you did for me last year - thanks again for that!

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