Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

The happy things meme

Nobody tagged me for the 'things that are making me happy meme' but I'm going to do it anyway...

The things that made me happy today were:

We have -- hurrah -- hit that critical point in present buying where you suspend critical judgement and just get on and buy stuff. This generated four presents in one and a half hours, which is a sight better than the roughly four presents a month we've been managing up to now. We have now bought everything that absolutely must be posted before the last posting date, and I think with a reasonable degree of confidence that the things will all be delivered by Saturday.

I have moved offices, which I have mixed feelings about, but the new space has actual windows. It also means I join the Victoria line at Green Park or Victoria rather than Oxford Circus, which doubles the proportion of return journeys I will spend sitting down.

Crimbo card design is finished, and at least somewhat printed. I do not have enough coated inkjet card or envelopes. Must rectify this, but still.

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