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Fanzine reviews
I've put short reviews of Bogus & the Convertible Bus, along with various other bloggy sort of stuff, on Macadamia. Which means, taken all together with the loc, and the first draft of an article for Plokta 29, I've written more fannish stuff in the last three days than in the preceeding three months. Odd.

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Sorry, the footnotes are part of my style, and niether you nor Mike Abbott are going to persuade me to drop them.

Not that odd. I've probably done the same (3 articles for Floss! plus one for Chunga in note form..)Intrigued to see Mike's review of Plokta..

He reviewed Floss too. Or rather Floss #2.

Yup, and didn't mention the cover once. Hmmph.

Hey I haven't even seen it yet!!

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