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Spend 89p on a really good cause this Christmas

OK, chaps, this is one of them there Internet Meme things.

You may or may not know that a really awful version of the great Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah is about to be Christmas no. 1. Unless! If the MIGHTY POWA OF DA INTERWEBS rises up, and everyone, instead, buys the Jeff Buckley version, there's just the tiniest chance that we could displace it. Or, at the very least, get a ton of exposure for better music.

89p for lovely untrammelled 320kbs MP3 from 7-digital. Or 79p from iTunes but that has DRM.

Don't buy from Amazon, cos those downloads apparently don't count towards the UK charg.

Don't buy the Leonard Cohen version -- I know it's the original, but the meme is backing Jeff Buckley.

And you know, at 89p, it's a bargain.

There's also a Facebook Group.

Buy a few. And tell your friends.

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