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2009 Fat Fangirls 10% challenge
I thought it would be useful to let you all know that over on fat_fangirls, we're girding our ample loins for another year of the 10 percent challenge. This is for people who think that it might be a good idea to, as the NHS suggests, lose 10% of their body weight in 2009. You do not have to be a girl; we have several blokes, and it's ok if you're trying to maintain, or lose less than 10%.

Some of us post weekly weights on Mondays, but it's not remotely compulsory.

From the group's profile: fat_fangirls is a community for like-minded people, not necessarily fat, not necessarily fan*girls*, to talk sensitively about the issues surrounding being overweight and supportively about healthy weight loss. It's a place that embraces healthy eating and so adverts for diet pills, or celebrations of unhealthy binge-eating, are not welcome here. To put it another way, membership is moderated to keep out spammers, trolls, sock-puppets and chubby chasers.