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Ok, so we've just got back from a Tun, which provided the bread around the sandwich of going to see A Show of Hands at the Purcell Room. "Who?" said everyone in the Tun. Well, they play English Acoustic music; mostly with pickups, but for one song with no amplification whatsoever. I know the Purcell Room (Baby RFH, as opposed to Daddy RFH & Mummy RFH) is pretty small, but it was still brilliant. They're great, and they have half a dozen songs online. They're one of these bands that's greatly in favour of home taping/ downloading, etc.

Meanwhile. We'll be going to see Steeleye Span sing all their greatest hits, and 20 or so other songs, on Thursday 19th December -- I assume this is the same day as the Christmas Tun. Anyone interested needs to let me know *by Sunday* -- it's at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and will be no more than £14 each plus possible booking fee. All the front stalls have already gone -- sorry. But the QEH isn't that big a hall, and it's a relatively large band.

We'll also be going to one of several gigs by Philip Glass at the Barbican. We just haven't decided whether we want quite good seats for a set of "new short films by acclaimed directors" or for Powaqqatsi, or much less good seats for Koyaanisqatsi. If anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to argue which gig we should go to see. If it weren't for parenthood, I think we'd be planning on more than one of this set. Anyway, let us know in the next couple of days.

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Ah, yes, I saw you holding court from near the bottom of the stairs. By the time I worked my way over to say "frisnit" you'd gorn.

And where's my Plokta, then? I feel very left out. I sacrificed the Whitby Gothfest to attend Novacon and no Plokta. [Flounce]

Ahem. Anyway. You couldn't pay me to see Steeleye Span, but I'd be very very keen on Philip Glass. Especially Koyaanisqatsi, but any or all. It sold out before I could get a ticket last time...

I'd love to see Steeleye Span - but I don't think I can front the cost of a roundtrip to London on top of the ticket. Philip Glass is pretty good. (I'm still thinking of seeing him conduction Koyanaquisti to the film at Northrup several years ago.)

But the small hall and his piano was interesting too.

Not bad for holiday concerts, ...

yes please! Steeleye Span! And you can shut up, lproven ...

1) drpete tells me he can't do the Oysters, as Justin Sullivan is on the same night. But missfairchild would like to come instead.

2) I'd like to come to Phillip Glass, but only if it's a Friday or (pref) a weekend, as I'll be at the bomb factory then.
But don't let that skew your choice of night - I'll just come if I can!

well, assuming I'm in the country ..

could still be in ?florida? (if there are any flights around Christmas with this latest strike threat)

Otherwise James Steel and I (and possibly Patrick Lawford) are interested in the shorts, Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi (even though I have both those last two on DVD and both on CD (including the both the original Koyaanisqatsi 46 minute album and the longer Koyaanisqatsi released fairly recently). I assume that sbisson and marypcb will be along in a minute also ...

One for all you spotters out there

The name Steeleye Span comes from one of the folksongs dished up by Percy Grainger in "A Lincolnshire Posy"
Sorry about that.

Hmmmm, the Glass is tempting. We've seen him do it twice: once, for Powaqqatsi, in Los Angeles - which was quite small and intimate, with a wonderful interview afterwards with both Glass and Reggio, explaining some of the sequences and what was actually happening in them; and then, for the re-release of Koyaanisqatsi, in the Sydney opera house a few years ago - a much grander occasion, but less satisfying. The LA one also had the Muslim singer who does the arab call to prayer in the film, who was incredible to listen to; the Sydney concert had to make do with tapes of some of the singing, which took away from the power of the thing.

I haven't seen the Dracula yet; that might be tempting...

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