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Marianne's home and much more comfortable
She's currently holed up on the sofa watching The Complete Will O' Th' Wisp. She also has a question for you all --

Are there any other authors like Norman Hunter?

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Is that the Professor Branestawm Norman Hunter?

Yes but the books you should have in mind are the Incrediblania stories (dribblesome teapots and so on) rather than the Branestawm ones.

Don't know about Norman Hunter but I'm pleased to hear she's home.

Glad to hear she's back and feeling better!

Not that I'm aware of, but there are probably a lot more Professor Branestawm books than she realises - as well as the original two from the 1930s, he started writing some more after he retired in 1970.

LibraryThing recommendations

1. Ghastly beyond belief [the science fiction and fantasy book of quotations] by Neil Gaiman
2. Mrs. Pepperpot in the magic wood by Alf Proysen
3. The Lark and the Laurel (Mantlemass 1) by Barbara Willard
4. Trillions by Nicholas Fisk
5. Fathom Five by Robert Westall
6. The Wombles at Work by Elisabeth Beresford
7. Mrs. Pepperpot's outing by Alf Proysen
8. My friend, Mr. Leakey by J. B. S. Haldane
9. In a Blue Velvet Dress by Martin Waddell
10. Catweazle by Richard Carpenter

Some of those are a bit childish, I'd go with The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, the Mary Poppins books by P L Travers, and Un Lun Dun from China Mieville.

I third it. One of my fave books for large chunks of my childhood.

Glad she's doing better! I second on The Phantom Tollbooth.

I agree -- it was what I immediately thought of when I read the top post.

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