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Fun Run outcome
We had a cool, overcast day with no rain, which is nice. To recapitulate, my targets were (a) to finish, and (b) to at least jog a little. My stretch goals were to (c) Not be Dead Flat Last and (d) to break 20 minutes. (This is for a single lap of the outside pavements of St James's Park; 1.1 miles in total. The more serious runners did two laps.)

So, how did I do? I did quite a bit of jogging, and I was not last. My time was 18:08. It was good fun. We have a possible plan to do a 5k in the summer. Ish. First goal; to run for one more week (carrying on with my every-other-day training runs), and then buy running shoes.

I raised £45 for OGRA through my lovely LJ friends; thank you very much indeed. The four of us running from this team also raised a similar amount in the office. The sponsorship link is still active if anyone meant to sponsor me but forgot or didn't see it earlier.

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I wish these things would take paypal. I'm not going to go over to my coat and dig out my wallet and copy out all the details whilst at work. I will try to remember to sponsor you at some point for a couple of quid. I'm quite impressed.

There's a Paypal link at the bottom of the page I think -- I haven't personally tried donating to JustGiving through Paypal but it does say 'now accepting paypal'. Or if that doesn't work, then Paypal me and I'll add you to the office collection.

Thanks ever such a lot!

Very, very good.

Congratulations on meeting all of your goals.


Planning on keeping it up now?

I am planning to rest tomorrow, then do 20 minutes on Friday, starting when I drop Jonathan off at school and ending up at the post office so I can pick up the package they're holding for me. I'll try to squeeze in a cycle ride on Saturday (though it's very busy), then two more runs by Wednesday next week. If I manage that then I will buy shoes from the running shop round the corner from work at the end of next week.

The "keen runners" in the office (including the chap who did *two laps* in 16 minutes) are talking about an evening 5k for the British Heart Foundation on 15 April. We're thinking about joining in; it's free to enter which is quite nice (though no doubt they'd sell me a t-shirt). I'll make a decision next week.

Sounds like you have the start of an addiction going there :-> Still, any addiction that helps others and is good for your health shouldn't be knocked!

It's a sort of reverse addiction, in that I don't actually enjoy the time spent running very much at all. I do feel terrific afterwards though, enough so that the running *might* be worth it. Hence the very small three-days-at-a-time goals at present, and no mega commitments.

meaning to sponsor . No internet last 3 days!

Well done on meeting all your goals!

I thoroughly recommend running shoes. Will your 5k be Race for Life or do you have something else in mind?

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