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Fun Run outcome

We had a cool, overcast day with no rain, which is nice. To recapitulate, my targets were (a) to finish, and (b) to at least jog a little. My stretch goals were to (c) Not be Dead Flat Last and (d) to break 20 minutes. (This is for a single lap of the outside pavements of St James's Park; 1.1 miles in total. The more serious runners did two laps.)

So, how did I do? I did quite a bit of jogging, and I was not last. My time was 18:08. It was good fun. We have a possible plan to do a 5k in the summer. Ish. First goal; to run for one more week (carrying on with my every-other-day training runs), and then buy running shoes.

I raised £45 for OGRA through my lovely LJ friends; thank you very much indeed. The four of us running from this team also raised a similar amount in the office. The sponsorship link is still active if anyone meant to sponsor me but forgot or didn't see it earlier.

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