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Hugo Nominations
OK chaps, we're all going to the Worldcon! Remind me what I should be nominating for the Hugos?

Marianne has worked out she can nominate The Graveyard Book. And the latest Twilight novel.

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Chris Butler, 'The Turn'; Asimov's Oct/Nov 2007. I think it's still eligble. Beautiful Zelazny-esque short story.

If it was published in the US in 2007, it's not eligible. Calendar year 2008 only.

Boo. It's a fine, fine story.

Oh yeah, The Cabal were in agreement on the short form Hugo.


Oh Damn Right. Definitely. The problem I have in short form is thinking of anything *else*.

Well, here in the U.S., I plan to nominate an episode of The Big Bang Theory in Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. While all the episodes are really, really good, I think The Nerdvana Annihilation captures the spirit of the SF fan best. While the show isn't specifically about SF fans, the main characters are very recognizable as fans.

Oh yay! It will be good to see you. Perhaps we should arrange lunch or dinner?


In principle yes, but I know nothing of Montreal, or the Worldcon schedule, or anything else. The plan is that we'll be in Montreal for two full weeks though (flights pending, and I had better book them quite soon I think).

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