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Hugo Nominations
OK chaps, we're all going to the Worldcon! Remind me what I should be nominating for the Hugos?

Marianne has worked out she can nominate The Graveyard Book. And the latest Twilight novel.

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Chris Butler, 'The Turn'; Asimov's Oct/Nov 2007. I think it's still eligble. Beautiful Zelazny-esque short story.

If it was published in the US in 2007, it's not eligible. Calendar year 2008 only.

Boo. It's a fine, fine story.

Oh yeah, The Cabal were in agreement on the short form Hugo.


Oh Damn Right. Definitely. The problem I have in short form is thinking of anything *else*.

(Deleted comment)
Oh yay! It will be good to see you. Perhaps we should arrange lunch or dinner?


In principle yes, but I know nothing of Montreal, or the Worldcon schedule, or anything else. The plan is that we'll be in Montreal for two full weeks though (flights pending, and I had better book them quite soon I think).

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