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Oysterband etc
OK, chaps; by which I mean flick, missfairchild, the_magician and
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OK, chaps; by which I mean <lj user="flickgc">, <lj user="sneerpout">, <lj user="the_magician"> and <lj_user="pickledginger">. We need a plan for the Oysters on Thursday night, for which the doors open at 7pm & there is support. I understand that <lj user="sneerpout"> works just across the road from <a href="http://www.themarquee.com/contact/">the Marquee</a>, so really, what I'm looking for is for her to tell us where we ought to meet at 6:45pm. It's convenient for the Angel & slightly less convenient for Highbury & Islington.

In other news, we are getting a ticket for Steeleye (19th December) for <lj user="tamaranth">. No plans yet for Philip Glass because I'm not sufficiently organised to sort it out tonight, but I will get a move on, I promise. Meanwhile, anyone up for Billy Bragg at the Shepherd's Bush Empire? Sunday December 1, which is the day after Brian & Caroline's party.

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For some reason I had in my tiny mind it was Saturday ... but Thursday is fine too ... just let me know so I know where to show up and when.

There are *so* many pubs within 5-10 minutes walk of the venue (I go around there occasionally for Slimelight which is just around the corner from Angel tube station just of City Road)

There's the Blue Angel pub on the corner of City Road, there's a Walkabout pub just to the right of the Business Design Centre, there's a pub almost exactly opposite the Marquee on Upper Street (don't really know what's on Liverpool Road)

Here's a pubcrawl list for Angel Tube to Highbury and Islington http://www.netcomm.demon.co.uk/islington2.htm

Oh, and from the look of the map, the All Bar One, is almost opposite the Marquee on Liverpool Road near the top of Chapel Market.

I don't mind, as long as someone gives me instructions on how to get there

The Marquee is on Parkfield Street, very close to Angel tube.
Streetmap: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=531449&y=183367&z=0&sv=n1+0ps&st=2&tl=Postcode+n1+0ps&pc=n1+0ps&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

The marquee's map: http://www.themarquee.com/contact/

But I suggest we meet at 6:45 in the All Bar One on Liverpool Road (next to Burger King, just over the road from Angel tube) -- because it should be easily recognisable.

All Bar One sounds fine. Of course, UpMyStreet lists YO! Sushi on Parkfield Rd as being 0 yards from the Marquee, but that would need to be earlier, might be crowded, and is by no means cheap.

I can't make it any more. Sorry. Have been ill, off work, and have now busted my deadline for Chunga - leaving Thursday the only possible night I can finish the article.

Will be unable to be a stunt drpete. Am barely able to be a real missfairchild.

Sympathy. Am in same boat. Following information from gummitch now suspect may have post Boston sinusitis. Was planning to write mine Saturday. Is that too late d'you think??? Agh..

Very sorry - plans have changed since I asked for ticket - can you find someone else who wants it? (If not, obviously I'll reimburse you ...)

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